• Roberts, Robert E, (PI)

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This is an application for research on epidemiological issues in the study
of psychiatric disorders among Hispanic Americans. Substantive foci will
be the mental health of Mexican Americans and other Hispanics (Cubans and
Puerto Ricans), prevalence of depressive disorders in these populations,
and risk factors for such disorders in these different subcultural contexts. The research objectives will be pursued analyzing data from three
large-scale mental health studies which share important methodologic
features: (1) A study of 750 psychiatric patients (about 2/3 are Hispanic)
from San Antonio, Texas; (2) A study of over 3,000 residents (about 1/2 are
Hispanic) of Venice and East Los Angeles, California, surveyed as part of
the UCLA Epidemiologic Catchment Area (ECA) project; and (3) A study of
over 6,000 Hispanics (Mexican Americans, Cuban Americans, and Puerto
Ricans) included as part of the national Hispanic Health and Nutrition
Examination Survey (HHANES). The Texas and California studies both
employed the same core measures (i.e., DIS, CES-D, acculturation, etc.) so
that comparable data are available on both a large hospital-based sample
and a large community-based sample of Hispanics assessed in both English
and Spanish. The HHANES also includes the CED-D and some of the same
acculturation items as well as the depression section from the DIS
administered in English and Spanish. In addition, the California study and
HHANES also contain data on an array of psychosocial risk factors as well
as physical health and use of health services. The prevalence of clinical and nonclinical depression and risk factors for
these disorders will be studied using the ECA and the HHANES data.
Reliability and validity of the DIS in English and Spanish will be assessed
using the San Antonio data. Phenomenology of clinical depression will be
studied using all three data sets. Concordance of the CES-D and DIS also
will be assessed using all three data sets.
Effective start/end date9/1/838/31/87


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